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Hmm. [Apr. 11th, 2007|02:17 pm]


[mood |nervousnervous]
[music |Rhapsody on a Theme by Kondo]

I am having trouble deciding how to end a composition. I would love some helpful commentary on the piece. I've been hesitant to "show" it in public, but I'm at a stop and am unsure of what to do.

Some information:
Originally, this piece was to be just variations on the Game Over theme from Zelda, but then it grew into more than that, so now I can only classify it a Rhapsody on a theme. The first 15 seconds are the original theme (I'm sure most of you are familiar with it) and the rest is mine. It starts out a little sluggish, but starts getting more creative around the two minute mark. I know there should be a grand restating of the original theme played out full length, but should I do it now or make it longer? If I were to do it now, I wonder what would be a good transition from what is at the end currently. The tail end of the piece is not entirely finished (will probably be longer), but for the most part everything else is as I want it, just needs a little tweaking in places. Does it need more build up? Bah, anyway, here's the file. Hope you like a healthy dose of dissonance in your music! You'll need an iTunes/Quicktime combo that can handle AAC files. Have a listen if you like: